a historic Japanese dessert enriched with thousands of years of history and used for many years as part of religious sacrificial rituals. Mochi is not only a symbol of success, but also a talisman that preserves harmony in the family.

It all started 2000 years ago, when rice began to be grown in Japan, and Mochi was soon born from it. A small masterpiece that combines the traditional rice crop with the precision of Japanese masters. Mochi was prepared on the occasion of the religious ceremony, called mochitsuki, and for a long time only the emperor and nobles could participate.

Mochi has become a symbol of happiness and hope.

Later, the production of mochi became a nationwide tradition, and during New Year’s celebrations, Japanese people from all over the world made mochi during mochitsuki. Gradually, the recipe of mochi began to spread throughout the world, and very soon it was a huge success outside of Asia. In the United States, ice cream mochi has become a huge hit.

Mochi is made from a special sticky rice, which is transformed into a dough during the steaming and crushing process, filled with traditional sweet fillings. Using this technique, Mochi is soft delicate, the taste will develop in your mouth after the first bite.

However, the most popular and world-famous is ice cream-shaped Mochi, which has become almost addictive fashion in the world.

Our desserts, unlike the most popular ice cream in the form of Mochi, are created according to a special MOTIKO recipe, which makes our Mochi unique: frozen like ice cream, but does not melt and lose its shape. Keeping our Mochi at room temperature makes them to change their taste properties and resembles souffle. This is a unique dessert that just needs to be tasted.

The perfect combination of a creamy ice cream filling with various types of fruit, nuts or chocolate, wrapped in a fine rice batter, is a small piece of happiness that mochi represents.

Now we have brought mochi to our country so that you could taste this piece of happiness too.

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