To give away or give yourself! The Starter Kit Matcha Tea Gift Box has everything you need for the traditional preparation of Matcha. The exclusive gift box contains 100% Japanese organic Matcha Basic, a bamboo spoon for portioning and a bamboo whisk for frothing. Authentic matcha moments are guaranteed. Organic certified.

KISSA Tea Matcha Basic 30 g

Rich in polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins, the green tea, ground into the finest powder, provides power. Matcha Basic has a fine, bitter taste and tastes good both pure and as a Matcha latte.

KISSA Tea bamboo whisk

A must for creating beautiful Matcha creations! Fe ine baby bamboo tines are processed in our KISSA bamboo whisk (Chasen) and make sure that you hit the Matcha, are generating a fine foam. 

KISSA Tea bamboo spoon

With the KISSA bamboo spoon (chashaku) you are guaranteed to get the right dosage for your matcha. 2 bamboo spoons – that’s roughly one gram – are enough to prepare your perfect KISSA Matcha. The delicate spoon is bent over steam during production and is ideal for dosing matcha.

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