Every great journey starts with the smallest details


Our story dates back to when we visited Japan, where we first met Mochi and „Mochitsuki“. We were inspired and this led to the emergence of our enthusiasm. The taste, tradition and thoroughness of Mochi was the spark that gave rise to MOTIKO.

After bringing Mochi to Europe, we began to study ancient recipes, procedures and tastes. We wanted the result to be as perfect as possible.

It took many years to find the perfect balance between Motiko cream, dough texture and the ideal ratio between both of them.

Mochi is an experience. Its taste, appearance and smell are like you’ve never tasted before. With its great taste, the Mochi desserts will take you to the snow-capped mountains, and the soft, slightly melting rice dough is like a touch of rose petals, like a velvet that kind of caresses your soul.


Constantly looking for the best flavors, we have created a wide range, including the highest quality Mochi desserts with nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts, coconuts, almonds) and Matcha green tea. Mochi also produce fruit flavors such as tropical manga and juicy watermelon, and of course also popular classic flavors such as vanilla and chocolate truffles.

Our Mochi flavours:

Our Mochi is gluten-free, mostly vegan, GMO-free, low in calories, and we use the highest quality ingredients to make it.


We are not “just” dessert producers. We create philosophy and rituals, change established food traditions. Mochi is not just a dessert for us – it is a gourmet philosophy! Immerse yourself in flavors, aromas, colors and awaken all the senses in an instant. We want you to stop for at least a short time and enjoy the beauty and happiness of the present moment.

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