Matcha is the green love. It is the best tea in the world - as unique as the truffle mushroom in the world.


Rich in Antioxidants


Limited Edition


KISSA Tea organic teas exist only in special editions, which are limited in quantity, extremely rare, individual and first-class. Buying KISSA tea is a matter of trust and taste, as KISSA teas, with their quality and level, belong to the Haute Couture tea world.

KISSA Tea combines tea tradition and the know-how of the century, sustainability and elegance. The spirit of KISSA Tea is inspired by Japan, the land of Matchi and green tea. In Japanese, “KISSA” means “drinking tea, teahouse.”

KISSA tea growers are not ordinary farmers. They are masters of tea. Twice a year, KISSA Tea founder Thomas and his team travel to Japan to thoroughly inspect the tea fields and meet the people who care for them. Therefore, in order to find the highest quality and most delicious tea leaves, it is important to know the true masters among many Japanese tea growers. Thomas knows many of these virtuosos from the tea world personally and has become their close friend over the years.


Matcha is green love. It is the best tea in the world – as unique as the truffle mushroom in the world.

Matcha, extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, is not just tea, but a real superfood. The original Matcha tastes soft and sweet and has a bright green color. It is a finely ground, extremely shaded green tea, which is obtained exclusively from rare and high-quality Tencha tea leaves. Authentic Matcha always comes from Japan. The beginnings of Matcha date back to the 16th century, when only the Japanese elite drank this tea during traditional tea ceremonies.

Matcha green tea can be used in many ways – enjoy it as a pure tea or as a Matcha latte, use it for brewing, put into a cocktail or use it as a special baking ingredient.


First sip of KISSA TEA – a moment, that you will never forget…

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